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                                                                          Waters Edge, Unit 214
                                                           590 Santa Rosa Boulevard, Okaloosa Island
                                                                   Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548

                                                                     Reservations: (504) 456-9240
                                                                        E-mail: dtdupuy@cox.net

                                                                           Rental Agreement

I. Rental Requirements

a. Minimun Age. You must be at least 25 years of age to rent this property unless married. If it is discovered that you are under the age of 25 and not married, this rental agreement will be terminated and all collected funds forfeited.

b. Length of Stay Restrictions. During the months of June and July, we only accept weekly (Saturday to Saturday) rentals unless it's within 30 days of your reservation date.

II. Rental Rates and Deposits

a. Rental Rates. Rent is charged according to the length and the time of year of your stay. It is levied in accordance with the published rate table shown in the listing. Although these published rates may change at any time, the published rate at the time of the confirmed reservation will be used to calculate the rental fee.

b. Deposit. A rental deposit of $200 and a signed copy of this agreement along with a copy of your drivers license must be received prior to having a confirmed reservation. A confirmation letter will be sent once those terms have been complied with which will include your remaining balance.

c. Payment in Full Prior to Occupancy. Full payment of rent is due 45 days prior to arrival. Your deposit will be used to offset your remaining balance. Your confirmed reservation will be cancelled if not received 45 days prior and your deposit will be forfeited.

III. Terms and Conditions

a. Cancellation Refund Policy. If cancellation occurs 60 days or more prior to arrival:  No penalty will be incurred and a full refund of all monies paid will be made (less any credit card fees that I incur).  If cancellation occurs between 45 and 60 days prior to arriaval:  Only the $200 deposit will be forfeited.  If cancellation occurs 45 days or less prior to arrival:  No refunds will be given unless the unit gets re-rented during your time frame.  The refund amount will coinside with the rental rate of the new guest.  (I.e. If a short rental discount is applied.)  Cancellations or early departure after check in does not warrant any rental refunds unless covered under our Hurricane Refund Policy.

b. Hurricane Refund Policy. No refunds will be given unless the National Weather Service issues an evacuation (mandatory or voluntary) order for the Fort Walton Beach area.

        Once in effect, our refund policy is as follows:

1. If you already occupy the unit, and you choose or are forced to evacuate, you will be refunded for early departure. A prorated amount based on the rental rate and taxes only will apply.

2. If there is an evacuation order in effect the day you are scheduled to arrive, you may choose either a complete refund or delay your occupancy until later in the week at a prorated fee.

c. Damage During Your Stay. A "Peace of Mind" protection plan is in place which covers any items that may get damaged during your stay. Theft is NOT covered under this plan. All we ask is that if something gets broken; please let us know so that it can be replaced or repaired. It's that easy.

d. Smoking. Smoking is not allowed inside the unit.

e. Pet Policy. No pets are allowed inside the unit.

f. Right to Evict Without Refund. The owner reserves the right to evict immediately without any rental refunds if any of the following rules are violated:

          * Underage drinking
          * Use of illegal drugs
          * Guest violence where local law enforcement is required to intervene
          * Excessively loud and/or loud behavior to the point other guests or neighbors complain
          * Unauthorized pets inside the unit
          * Vandalism or destruction to the unit or surrounding property
          * Overloading the unit beyond the maximum allowable occupancy of 6 persons

g. Other Terms.

          a. Rental agreement terminates if premises is destroyed by fire or other casualty.
          b. Appliances, TVs, and A/C are not guaranteed. Repairs will be made as soon as possible. No refunds or adjustments
              will be granted upon failure.
          c. No long distance calls are allowed except by credit or calling card.
          d. An agent of the owner or landlord may enter the premises to make repairs. Consideration will be given to guest's privacy.
          e. Owner shall not be liable for acts of theft or vandalism or damage to a guest's personal property. A security safe with
             personalized codes is provided as a courtesy for guest's use and does not imply any increase in owner liability.
          f. Housekeeping:  Please understand that this is a Beach Rental.  Our housekeeper does a wonderful job of cleaning the unit prior to your arrival and we take great pride in delivering a clean and thoroughly sanitized unit.  However, we have had past guests' complaints of a cheerio under the sofa, a popsicle stick on the balcony, and grains of beach sand left on the floor from tracking  (to name a few) and then expecting a housekeeping refund.  Supplemental cleaning materials will be made available if you feel that the unit is not acceptable to your level of cleanliness since this varies from guest to guest; however, we are unable to offer a housekeeping refund.

IV. Executing This Agreement

You can reserve your rental a number of ways. Please print this agreement, complete, sign, and return to me with your deposit. This agreement can be returned either by Fax: (504) 456-9240, E-mail: dtdupuy@cox.net, or regular mail to: Daniel Dupuy, 5316 Caryota Drive, Metairie, LA 70003 or you can fill in the form electronically using Adobe eSign.

Payment by Check: Make checks payable to Daniel Dupuy and mail to: 5316 Caryota Drive, Metairie, LA 70003.

Payment by Credit Card: Use the Pay Now payment button on our website or log on to PayPal.com and make your payment to dtdupuy@cox.net. You do not have to sign up for a PayPal account to use this feature and you can use your Bank Account, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card.

By signing this agreement you agree:

a. to abide and be bound by all rules presented within this document
b. you are at least 25 years of age or married.  (Please return with a copy of your Drivers License.)

Check-in ____________________, 2018 at or after 4:00 pm / Check-out ____________________, 2018 by 10:00 am

    Occupancy:    Number of Adults (18 and over): ________    Number of Children: ________

                 Name: ___________________________________________________

                 Address: _________________________________________________

                City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________

    Phone Number: _______________________    Email: _______________________

       _____________________________________________ _________________________
                          (Signature)                                                              (Date)

590 Santa Rosa Blvd. #214, Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548